Man jailed after row over chips

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A man who complained about his chips at the fast food outlet McDonald’s has been given a six-month jail term.

Sean McGonnell, aged 22 appeared in the dock at Craigavon Magistrates Court last Wednesday.

McGonnell, from Victoria Terrace in Portadown, was accused of assaulting the manager of McDonald’s in Meadow Lane, Portadown on June 8 this year.

The court heard that McGonnell had been complaining about chips and the manager approached him.

He came up close to the manager and was aggressive.

McGonnell’s defence lawyer said his client had written a letter of apology to the manager. He had seen the CCTV footage of his behaviour and McGonnell had drink taken. He was apologetic.

Deputy Judge Neil Rafferty said McGonnell had showed up drunk at this fast food outlet and didn’t get what he wanted.

McGonnell had been on licence for other offences.

Judge Rafferty said McGonnell had “an atrocious record”.

He said all McGonnell’s suspended sentences had been activated.

McGonnell’s defence lawyer said his client had been in breach of his licence and is serving eight months.

Judge Rafftery said, “There are service members of our society and they are not there to deal with filth and someone who demanded to get what they wanted when they wanted it.

“One of the great things is CCTV. It shows people just how badly they behaved,” he said.

“If you are that sort of person, don’t take drink,” he added.

“At least you wrote the letter,” said Judge Rafferty adding: “You are going to be in prison for eight months.”

McGonnell was sentenced to six months jail for assaulting the McDonald’s manager which is to run concurrently with his present prison term.

Judge Rafferty said, “You are far too young to waste your life doing this. Maybe I am too old.”

The defendant replied, “Maybe you are.”