Man receives broken jaw in town assault

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A man had to have a metal plate and a pin inserted when his jaw was broken after he was attacked in a Portadown street, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Edvinas Olisauskas (25), Clonavon Avenue, Portadown, was jailed for six months for inflicting grievous bodily harm on the victim on September 29 last year.

A concurrent three-month sentence was imposed for unlawful assault on a female on the same occasion.

The court heard that at 2.05am in West Street, Portadown, several witnesses told police about an assault and two people were arrested.

A glass was thrown at the feet of a female by the defendant. It smashed but did not make any contact with her.

She had been on a night out with the other injured party when they bumped into a number of foreign national men. One of them said “do you have a problem?” and threw a glass.

The second injured party, the man, received more serious injuries. He was punched and in a joint enterprise the defendant and another man attacked the victim who sustained serious injuries.

He needed surgery for the injury to his jaw which had been broken. A metal plate and pin had to be inserted.

Olisauskas had little recollection of the incident due to the alcohol he had taken. There was no allegation this was racist.

A solicitor for the defendant said that he had been grappling on the ground with the injured party and when the injured party got up the other attacker hit him on the cheekbone.

He added that it was accepted the custody threshold had been passed but asked the judge not to impose immediate custody.

Olisauskas, who was willing to pay compensation, was petrified of going to jail, added the solicitor.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said this was a very serious matter.

She added that these two young people met a group of males who were fuelled by alcohol and who launched a violent physical attack for no reason.

The judge pointed out that a pre-sentence report on the defendant showed a lack of victim empathy. She considered the offences so serious there was only one sentence she could impose.

The other defendant, Gytis Grozdas (21), Clonavon Avenue, Portadown, did not appear in court for sentencing and a warrant was issued for his arrest.