Man’s ‘drink inspired foolishness’

Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.
Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.

While police were dealing with a disturbance a 52-year-old man came along and after ‘drink inspired foolishness’ he was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Lawrence James Hagan, whose address was given as Carrick Drive, Lurgan, was fined £250 for the offence when he appeared last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that on May 9 this year police were dealing with a number of drunken males who were causing a disturbance at Larkfield Square.

The defendant, who was heavily intoxicated, approached the police saying ‘have we got a f—king problem’.

Hagan was told to keep his voice down but he said to an officer ‘you’re a hateful c—t, you know that’ and squared up to police.

He continued to be abusive and was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

On his way to custody he called the officers names and offered to fight them.

Hagan had a suspended sentence hanging over him but it was for a different offence.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he has had difficulties with drink and did binge drink.

She explained that a friend of Hagan had been diagnosed with cancer and he had gone round to console him where he had taken alcohol.

District Judge, Mr Peter King, said he would not make any order concerning the suspended sentence as it was for a different offence.

He described Hagan’s actions as ‘drink inspired foolishness’.