Man was ‘mean and rude’ to Kwik Fit employee

McGuinness appeared at Carndonagh District Court.
McGuinness appeared at Carndonagh District Court.

A judge told a 55-year-old man he had been “mean, arrogant and rude” to a young man and ordered him to pay £150 compensation.

Glyn Daniel Davies, of Cedar Park, Bleary, was also fined £500 last Wednesday at Craigavon Court for common assault on November 18, 2013.

At a previous court Davies had been convicted in his absence.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said the defendant had a “horrendous record” and on this occasion had picked on a Kwik Fit employee.

She said that it was so bad the injured party said he “wasn’t getting paid enough to deal with this”.

A barrister representing Davies said he was convicted in his absence. He would contest what happened and intended to appeal.

Judge Kelly said the defendant had been given two separate occasions to contest the case but had not attended.

She added that this was an “entirely uncalled incident” and there was no need for the defendant to carry on the way he did.

The judge said the employee went to verify something with Davies before sorting out his tyre and he was “mean, arrogant and rude”.

She added, “A young person doing his work does not need stick from members of the public.”

A public prosecutor said the injured party suffered pain to the shoulder.

The barrister asked the judge if she would consider imposing reporting restrictions but this was refused.

Bail was set at £500 for Davies to appeal against the conviction.