Man was ‘tailgating’ other car in the town centre before 1am


A young Portadown man who ‘tailgated’ a vehicle through the town centre was told he was lucky not to be charged with dangerous driving last Friday at Craigavon Court.

Joshua McKenzie (20), Corbacky Road, was fined £120 and given six points for careless driving on December 21.

He was also fined £120 for using a mobile phone while he was driving.

The court heard that just before 1am police in Portadown town centre saw a vehicle travelling at speed quite close to the car in front of it.

A few minutes later they saw the vehicle driving erratically through the Magowan Buildings car park. There were pedestrians in the area.

As the vehicle slowed to a stop they noticed the driver was on his mobile phone.

A defence solicitor said a friend of McKenzie had been out in a bar in Portadown and had contacted him for a lift.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said that in his view the defendant was “tailgating a vehicle” and was driving erratically in a car park.

He said that McKenzie was fortunate he was only charged with careless driving rather than dangerous driving.