Market issues an invite to traders

The market at Millennium Court Art Centre in William Street.
The market at Millennium Court Art Centre in William Street.

A new facet is being introduced to Portadown Markets (Millennium Court, William Street), with applications invited from aspiring market traders with plans for a stall in a specialist area.

The management is inviting potential market traders in skills like handmade craft items, scented candles, vinyl record, specialist foods, clothing alteration and repairs, and many more to set up stall and complement the range of stalls operating on Fridays and Saturdays.

Said a spokesperson for the market, “We invite young people keen to add to their income by turning their hobby into a mini-business – we will consider a wide range of activities and listen to their suggestions.”

The existing stalls include fruit-and-veg, home bakery, fish, butchery, flowers and clothing.

Portadown Market is part of the very fabric of the town, starting off as a traditional, open-air operation (see the magnificent Spratt Collection of pictures).

The indoor market at the corner of Market and William Street dates back to 1929, and at the turn of the Millennium, it moved in to William Street’s Millennium Court, going outdoor for a spell in the transition.

Now, the management wants it to remain a main attraction and help the retail footfall in Portadown town centre.

The opening times are Friday, 8.30-4.30 and Saturday 8.30-5.30. Aspiring new traders should contact Mark on 075801 10835 with their ideas.