Meeting to discuss Connolly Place

Cllr Terry McWillaims and MLA Carla Lockhart.
Cllr Terry McWillaims and MLA Carla Lockhart.

A meeting is to take place between the DUP and PSNI to hammer out a solution to ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour blighting the Connolly Place area

DUP representatives Carla Lockhart MLA and Councillor Terry McWilliams condemned the ongoing problems.

Residents in the area have contacted the DUP office about the issues they are facing and a meeting has now been arranged with the PSNI to agree a solution.

It is hoped that the alleyway at the centre of the problems can be secured and closed off but in the meantime the DUP team are asking for more police patrols in the area at weekends and in the evenings.

It is an issue previously highlighted by the ‘MAIL’ with residents left at their wits end.

Ms Lockhart said, “This is a distressing situation for the residents of the area some who are elderly and it cannot be allowed to continue.

“We need to see this addressed and rather than see the young people moving elsewhere we want a positive solution for them as well or they will find themselves in the judicial process.

“Young people do not see the potential repercussions later in life of being arrested by the police and subsequently prosecuted for this anti social behaviour. This can blight their whole life for employment and even their health. We will be meeting with the PSNI to discuss the matter in the coming days.”

Cllr McWilliams commented, “The residents of the area should not be subjected to this anti-social behaviour and as local representatives we will ensure their voice is heard. We need this to stop and stop now. We do hope the police are pro active in policing this area. I know they have great pull on their resources but the potential for these young people to engage in further criminality will only cause them more problems.”