Memorial to Harry Fairley is replaced

The memorial to Harry Fairley.
The memorial to Harry Fairley.

A new memorial to a loyalist bandsman has been unveiled - after the original had been vandalised.

The unveiling made good on a promise by the Ancre Somme Association who vowed the memorial would return bigger and better following the vandalism.

A spokesman for the association said: “As promised the officers and members of the Ancre Somme Association, in consultation with the family of our late friend Harry Fairley, have replaced the plaque that we had originally erected in 2013 that was recently damaged by some mindless thugs who obviously have nothing but hate in their hearts.

“The new plaque is now in a more prominent position that is well lit and we hope that this will deter any future attacks as the area can and will be closely monitored.

“We would like to thank the family for working with us on this issue as we know it was probably the last thing they needed as Harry’s Anniversary came around. We would also like to thank all those who helped with the new plaque. You know who you are and your generosity is very much appreciated.”

The plaque is in memory of Harry Fairley, a member of Broxburn Loyalists Flute Band from Scotland who died on a visit to the town on July 12, 2013,