Midwife Beverley delivers the new concept of hypnobirthing

Beverley Mulholland. INPT30-010
Beverley Mulholland. INPT30-010

A Loughgall midwife is bringing a new type of birthing experience to the area, with the aim of helping women remain calm and in control at what can often be a frightening and anxious time.

Beverley Mulholland, who works as a midwife in Daisy Hill Hospital, has recently attained accreditation as a certified hypnobirthing practitioner.

Hypnobirthing, which is very popular in London and increasingly in Belfast, is a relatively new approach to childbirth.

It is recognised by The Royal College of Midwives which offers courses for members.

Explained Beverley, “To dispel any misunderstandings, hypnobirthing is not hypnosis... it involves deep relaxation, a pleasant feeling, like being in a trance or daydream.

“Hypnobirthing has proven really successful for women and their birthing partners to have a gentle, calm, positive, fear-free labour experience.”

The mother of two teenagers set up BM Hypnobirthing after becoming interested in hypnobirthing as a means of promoting a gentle, natural birth.

She said, “Hypnobirthing fascinated me because of women’s positive experiences of labour and natural childbirth and their ability to cope with pain using hypnobirthing techniques.

“In my experience as a midwife a woman who is relaxed, confident and remains in control will have a better birth experience.”

Hypnobirthing teaches a number of simple techniques that can be used in labour, including relaxation and deep breathing, and also covers how the birthing body works in labour and gives an understanding of the process of childbirth.

It involves working with the birthing partner who will have an active supporting role.

Beverley points out that hypnobirthing is suitable not just for first-time mums but for those who have had a previous difficult birth.