Missed payment on insurance

A ‘genuine error’ on the part of a 34-year-old woman meant that she was not insured to drive when police stopped her on January 29 this year.

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 1:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 1:51 pm
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Kerry Green, Hunters Hill Road, Gilford, was fined £50 last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for driving uninsured. She was also given six penalty points.

The court heard she was stopped at 10am on the Hall Road in Donacloney and she said she thought she was insured. Checks showed her policy had lapsed on January 3 due to the non payment of a monthly instalment.

A barrister said her client’s insurance had been renewed in December but unknown to her the date of the direct debit had changed.

She explained that when the direct debit was drawn down in January there were not sufficient funds and the defendant was completely oblivious to the fact she had missed a payment.

The lawyer added that she was now fully insured had no points on her licence, had no previous convictions and she needed to drive for her work.

“It was a genuine error on her part although she accepts the onus is on her,” she said.