Missiles and petrol bomb thrown at police during bomb scare

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

One man has been charged after police came under attack from a crowd during a security alert in Lurgan last night.

At approximately 9.30pm on Friday, October 30 police received a report that two youths had run up to a railway control hut in Lake Street and informed the controller inside that there was a device on the line.

As a result, a number of trains were stopped from using the railway line.

Police at the scene came under attack from a crowd who threw a number of missiles, including a paint bomb and petrol bomb at them as they attempted to clear the area.

A 30-year-old man was arrested and has been charged with disorderly behaviour and two counts of criminal damage to appear at Lisburn Magistrates Court today, (Saturday).

ATO attended the scene at Lake Street and declared the suspect device a hoax.

It is believed the man’s arrest was in relation to the incident when police were clearing the area when missiles were thrown at them.