Nails left in safety surface at play area

Nails at the Union Street play area.
Nails at the Union Street play area.

Nails were hammered into the safety surfacing in the play area at Union Street during a sickening act of vandalism.

The shocking find was made on Monday by shocked members of the Edgarstown Residents’ Association.

Nails were left strewn across the play area but most disturbingly a number of nails had been hammered into the safety surface with the heads left exposed - posing an obvious danger to playing children.

Lord Mayor Councillor Darryn Causby condemned those responsible for the incident, “I was shocked to learn that someone or someone’s have hammered nails into the rubber matting and left loose nails lying strewn all over the children’s play park in Union Street.

“This kind of behaviour is totally reckless and is to be condemned. It was the quick actions of the local residents group that ensured that no one was injured as a result of the vandalism, and I commend them for their work.

“Play parks are supposed to be a safe environment for our communities and we must ensure that is maintained. Thankfully in our communities we have a number of residents groups who work hard for their respective areas and they too are to be commended for their efforts.

“Going forward it is essential that all our residents stand up against this kind of behaviour and pass in any information to the PSNI.”

A police spokesperson said: “We have not received a report of the nails thrown into the park, however, over the last few days residents have raised concerns about antisocial behaviour in the area of Edgarstown Play Park.

“Police will be conducting regular patrols of the area in an effort to prevent and detect any antisocial behaviour. Police would encourage local residents to report incidents of antisocial behaviour as they occur and would ask anyone with concerns to contact them on 101 so that we can work together to make the area