New LED lights cause concerns


Poor quality LED street lighting may cause accidents and increase the chances of burglaries, some local residents have complained.

One woman from Derrymacash is very concerned at what she described as ‘the incredibly poor quality and ineffectiveness of the new street lighting’.

She was particularly concerned about the new LED lighting at Foxgrove adding that despite three lit street lights it was almost impossible to see her car which was parked directly under a lamp post. “The amount of light given is terrible.” She called for a resolution before an accident occurs.

SDLP Cllr Joe Nelson said the introduction of LED lighting here is a pilot scheme which the Department of Regional Development planned to roll out across the province.

He has conveyed concerns to the DRD and hoped that there would be a review. “The quality of light is better but the spread is not good. There are significant savings with the scheme but people are finding them hard to get used to.”

Other residents also voiced concern. Kathryn McAlinden said: “They are awful, apart from the obvious safety issue of not being able to see whose walking down the street, they are a sure way of enticing burglars into your house.”

Carole Breen was concerned about the elderly or disabled. “When someone gets hurt or assaulted the powers that be will maybe sit up and take notice.”

Suzie Parry described the lights in Donaghcloney as ‘hopeless’. “Only a matter of time before there is a spate of burglaries.”

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “The Department is required to provide an appropriate level of street lighting and the new LED street lights in the Derrymacash area also offer significant improvement in energy and maintenance costs. It is a notable characteristic of LED lanterns that they provide much better control of the light distribution, where light is directed onto the roads and footways, rather than spilling over wider areas or going skywards as unwelcome light pollution.”