New oil club for Scotch Street

Joe Garvey.
Joe Garvey.

A new oil club has been established to enable residents of Scotch Street to buy their home heating oil at a cheaper price.

Richmount Oil Club is geared towards residents living within five miles of Scotch Street.

The service has been set up by Richmount Rural Community Association, with assistance from Bryson Energy and the NI Housing Executive.

Joe Garvey, chairman of Richmount Oil Club, said, “The oil club is a unique way to buy our heating oil together and enjoy the savings and benefits this provides.

“It is free to join and by making the most of bulk buying we can make savings and pass them onto our members. We can get convenient, reliable oil deliveries, saving people time, effort and money comparing oil quotes from various oil suppliers.

“It has a distinct advantage for people ordering smaller quantities of oil as they will get the oil for the same price as the larger fills. But even those ordering larger quantities should see a reduction.”

Mr Garvey said the scheme has environmental benefits too. He explained, “Every time a tanker makes a delivery it uses a lot of fuel; a full tanker can get as little as eight miles per gallon. If deliveries are organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in the same area instead of making lots of individual deliveries back and forth, the tanker’s fuel consumption is reduced.”

Schemes such as this can typically save saving members between three and six pence per litre, which would make a potential saving of £15-£30 on 500 litres.

The Richmount Oil Club welcomes members from the rural area west of Portadown which are roughly within four to five miles of Scotch Street and includes Moy Road, Farlough, Derrymacfall/Derryanville/Drumcree Roads (including Ballyoran Park),Dungannon Road, Red Lion/Loughgall Road together with the Birches, Maghery, Annaghmore Annahugh, Eglish/Tartaraghan and Diamond Grange,

Information is available any Thursday from 9.30-4.40 at the Richmount Centre or from the website

. First oil deliveries are expected 1 or 2 June