New play park to open within weeks

Councillor Gareth Wilson with son Lewis Wilson.
Councillor Gareth Wilson with son Lewis Wilson.

Cusher DUP Councillor Gareth Wilson has welcomed progress on the new play park at Gosford Forest Park.

The scheme, which was the result of joint negotiations between Armagh Council prior to the amalgamation of councils and the Forestry Service, will see a high quality play facility in the forest park open to the public in the next few weeks. Mr Wilson stated, “I was at the annual vintage rally at Gosford on Saturday past and I was delighted to see the park is nearing completion and I think it will be a marvellous boost for the park.

“Many felt that the park lacked such a provision and I am grateful for the work our council officials invested in approaching Forestry Service and seeing Forestry Service investment targeted at Gosford with an agreement that the ABC council will maintain the park.”

He concluded, “Gosford as an attraction has a great potential which needs to be harnessed and developed appropriately and the new play park is certainly a step in the right direction.”