New Prince’s Trust course

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The Southern Regional College is starting a new Princes Trust Team Programme in the new year.

The Princes Trust team programme is starting on 4th January and are on the look out for interested 18-24 year old candidates.

It is a free 12 week course that includes a week of Outdoor Pursuits which could help in getting a qualification and help get a job or boost your confidence?

The course aims to help young people increase transferable skills including; communication, working with others, problem solving, teamwork, tolerance and leadership as well as many other skills that will make you a good candidate for potential employers.

If you are interested you could contact Fiona Lynch for more information. Fiona is the Princes Trust Team Leader at Southern Regional College, Lurgan Campus ⫿ Kitchen Hill, Lurgan ⫿ Co Armagh⫿ BT66 6AZ. She can be contacted on 0300 123 1223, M: 078 9459 4777 W: E: