No more missed buses as new shelters erected after complaints from users

One of the new bus shelters. INPT07
One of the new bus shelters. INPT07

Two old style bus shelters in the Broomhill area of the main Portadown/Armagh road have been replaced by new ones, after residents voiced their concerns.

Residents had said the shelters gave no visibility in each direction to see a bus coming and that in many instances drivers could not see passengers waiting and would routinely drive past,

Cusher DUP Councillor Gareth Wilson said, “I was very happy to take forward the concerns of local people on this issue and the council officials were very accommodating.

“Officials altered the new style shelters to include clear panelling which means that the passengers can see the bus approaching and the drivers can see passengers waiting in the shelter.”

He added, “You can imagine the frustration of a bus driving past without stopping, especially if someone misses an appointment. With it being such a busy road drivers were obviously not keen on pulling in if they found that no one was waiting in the shelter.

“The clear panels really help visibility for both passengers and bus drivers.”