No police action after dog attacks swan

LUrgan Park
LUrgan Park

Two vile thugs allowed a dog to attack swans at Lurgan Park lake on Sunday, it has been revealed.

The attack has been reported to police amid a storm of controversy - however while police confirmed they had received a report they said no action had been taken.

There was widespread disgust on social media after a post appeared claiming two men had been spotted letting a dog off its lead to attack the swans on the lake around noon on Sunday.

The poster said: “I can’t believe what we just witnessed in Lurgan Park! These two men let their staff (possibly cross) off the lead to the swans, and it managed to drag one out of the water by the wing and attack it, before we scared them away!

“What sort of cruel people would try to kill a swan in the middle of a public park?”

The matter has been was reported to wardens at the park, who subsequently reported it to police.

Park staff have tried to establish if a swan was injured but so far there have been no indications of an injured bird.

A picture of the two blamed by the witness was posted on social media - we are unable to reproduce the image for legal reasons.

Park users and animal lovers expressed their disgust at the action of the men.

One told us: “How could any human being do this not only to a poor swan but also the poor dog - a swan could do a dog a serious injury.

“It beggars belief.”

On the Lost Pets/Missing Pets Lurgan/Craigavon/Portadown facebook page animal lovers vented their anger and concern

One poster said: “Evil, vile, thugs, pity the swans hadn’t turned on them! Can’t help wondering what kind of life the poor dog has in their hands too!”

Another said: “If they can do that in broad daylight, what won’t they do when nobody is looking?”

In a statement police said: “At approximately 6.45pm on Sunday, January 15, police received the report of a dog being let off the lead in Lurgan Park and attacking swans. No police action was taken.”