Officers drive home the road safety message

November saw a 67 per cent reduction in fatalities on our roads, according to local police.

Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 6:08 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:40 pm

Getting across their message in tongue in cheek style Craigavon PSNI posed a picture of an officer blindfolded at the wheel - in a reference to the Sandra Bullock movie ‘Bird Box’ which features her navigating a dangerous river while blindfolded.

In their post police said, “If you’re struggling to find a new year’s resolution that you can stick to, try this one, as it will make a difference - think of others when you’re on the road. Too many people are still driving about as though they’re in Bird Box!

“The road death stats are in for 2018 and there were 55 road fatalities during the year, which is the second lowest number in any year since records began in 1931. The lowest was 48 in 2012 with another 55 in 2010.

Police driving home their road safety message.

The figure of 55 represents an impressive 12% reduction on last year’s figure of 63.

“In November when we ran #Slowvember, we saw a staggering 67% reduction in fatalities from the two preceding months and an equal 67% reduction on November 2017.

“Whilst those numbers sound in many ways positive, it’s important to remember that these are far from simply ‘numbers’. Each one is a life gone, a family grieving, an empty chair at Christmas, a mother, father, son or daughter never coming home. Each one is a knock on the door. Each one is a family turned upside down with a few words from one of us.

“So this year, take the blind fold off that makes you think only of yourself and where you’re going.

“Take those extra couple of seconds to check at junctions not just for oncoming vehicles, but how fast they’re coming.

“Take those extra couple of seconds to check your blind spot before starting an overtake, and when you’re out, gauging again whether it really is safe to pass.

“Take those few minutes to check your lights and tyres are all in working order.

“Take that time for others. It could save a life.

“Let’s take another step together along the road to zero this year!”