Oldies are best at Armagh Road

Church news
Church news

The emphasis will be on the Metrical Psalms at Armagh Road Presbyterian Church during the morning and evening services (11am and 7pm) on Sunday.

Psalms aficionado the Very Rev Dr Andrews Rodgers will be the guest preacher at the church on both occasions and makes no secret of the fact that the oldies are the best when it comes to ‘songs of praise’.

“There are many wonderful psalms sung to wonderful tunes – they are a great Presbyterian heritage,” he said. “I adore the psalms and believe they are much better than some of the ‘modern’ hymns that have emerged of late.”

Three well-known hymns will be included over the two services, ‘The King of Love’, ‘Praise My Soul’ and ‘God is Our Strong Salvation’ will be included, but Dr Rodgers said, “These are re-writes of psalms and are very fitting.”

The singing will be led by the church choir and organist-choirmaster Rodney Spence.