Over 100mph on Northway

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Police had to overtake and block a motorist who was driving at over 100mph on the Northway.

Lukasz Wieslaw Stanczyk (33), Willow Drive, Portadown, admitted speeding when he appeared last Wednesday at Craigavon Court.

He was fined £100 and banned from driving for two months. Stanczyk was also fined £100 for failing to stop for police.

The court heard that on August 1 at 5.53am the defendant was detected doing 71mph in a 40pm zone on the Northway.

Police followed him and Stanczyk accelerated his speed to 100mph to 102mph over 0.3 miles.

He failed to stop for police who had to overtake him and block his path. The defendant said he did not stop because there was no hard shoulder.

A defence solicitor said he was on his way to work trying to get in early to do overtime.

He added that his client was playing loud music in the car and when he did see the police he stopped.

Imposing the driving ban District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said the defendant could not keep his licence doing that speed.