Over the limit man hid behind other car


When he saw police a 30-year-old man, who had been drinking, got out of the car he was driving and hid behind another car.

Thomas Stephen Warnock, Kernan Hill Manor, Portadown, was banned from driving for 12 months last Wednesday at Craigavon Court for excess alcohol. He was also fined £175.

The court heard that on April 26 at 12.45am police saw a vehicle at Pollock Drive, Lurgan.

The car pulled into as cul-de-sac and Warnock was seen running away, leaving the driver’s door open.

He hid behind a car and then ran around a house but ten minutes later was apprehended. An evidential breath test gave a reading of 65.

A solicitor representing Warnock said he had taken a few drinks at a friend’s house but felt fit to drive.

When he saw police he panicked, she added.