Parading must be a priority for new government, say Orangemen

Portadown District tweeted a statement
Portadown District tweeted a statement

Portadown District LOL 1 has issued a statement calling on the new government to make parading in Northern Ireland a priority.

In the statement published on its official Twitter page over the weekend, Portadown District said it had noted the outcome of the general election “with interest”.

It congratulated the successful unionist candidates, and said the DUP now had responsibility to “deliver for the people of Northern Ireland”.

Portadown District has been prevented from completing its annual Drumcree parade since 1997, and the Garvaghy Road Residents’ Coalition has refused its proposals for talks.

The statement said: “We trust that the parading issue, especially in Portadown, will be high on the agenda for the new government.

“It is clear that the endeavour of the Orange family to maximise the unionist vote paid dividends and consequently the DUP has been given the opportunity and responsibility to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland.

“We trust they are successful in promoting the values of the unionist people and the Orange fraternity. We wish them well in the weeks and months that lie ahead.”