Parking restrictions relaxed

Councillor Gladys McCullough. INPT41-223.
Councillor Gladys McCullough. INPT41-223.

A determined campaign, headed by Alderman Gladys McCullough, to change the parking restrictions in the side streets off Portadown town centre looks like succeeding.

Several streets where the one-hour-in-two restriction are rigorously enforced are likely to be changed to two-in-three – “giving shoppers and traders much more scope”, Mrs McCullough has told the council’s development committee.

The first phase in the campaign has almost certainly persuaded the DRD to apply the two-in-three changes to Edward Street, Carleton Street, Thomas Street, William Street and Woodhouse Street, together with the part of West Street running from Mandeville Street to Atkinson Avenue.

“I regarded that as a good start,” said Mrs McCullough. “But I am also pressing for Mandeville Street and Shillington Street to be included, and the DRD is giving it a sympathetic hearing.

“It’s similar to a scheme introduced in Lurgan where it is proving a success. That was a precedent and it’s only but fair that it should be introduced in Portadown.

“The one-hour restrictions mean that the general public have to rush their shopping, and this will make a big difference.

“In fact, the overall changes in the past couple of years are moving the town towards a proper integrated parking system, although it has been slow and painful.”

Prices in the pay parks have been significantly reduced, paying has been eliminated in the Meadow Lane area, and, said Mrs McCullough, the pay system in the main parks was “sensible as they must not be cluttered with all-day parkers”.

She added, “Sadly, the policy seemed to be to rake as much money is as possible with the help of the wardens.

“These changes will make the town more business friendly and I hope the damage is not irreparable.”

This is Mrs McCullough’s last session in the council set-up as she is not fighting the local government elections taking place in May.

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