Christian Aid Appeal brings £12,300 in donations with more still to come

Portadown has made a magnificent effort for the annual Christian Aid appeal.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 2:28 pm
Ian Stirling, Moyra Stirling, David Hall and David Lowry at the Rotary Club lunch. INPT50-109gc

Thanks to the generosity of the community a total of £12,300 was raised to which will be added an amount, yet to be determined, for Gift Aid.

During the period June 1, 2018, until April 30 this year (and excluding the 2019 annual appeal) the Portadown committee has, through income received from ‘one off’ donations and its monthly luncheons, forwarded a total of £17,278 to the regional office in Belfast.

“Our thanks are due to the numerous volunteers in the local area who assisted in the door-to-door collection and to the local churches for their support during Christian Aid Week and throughout the year,” said local organiser Mrs Moyra Stirling.

For a period under an EU scheme some funds sent to Christian Aid were then eligible for a multiplying effect of five times five.

“This was an enormous boost to a project promoting the welfare of women and, ultimately, families in Ethiopia, Malawi, Burkina Faso and Honduras,” said Mrs Stirling.

“Some years ago when I visited Malawi I met a woman with a tee shirt saying ‘educate a woman, educate a nation’. Her education was limited but she was a bright, able lady trying to help her community to develop so that women would have a voice in the community.

“Hopefully the EU project will be showing positive results for years to come.”