‘Huge snake’ found in a field

Police had one of their more unusual finds, with the discovery of a ‘huge’ snake’s body in Craigavon.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 11:37 am
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 11:38 am

They were responding to a report of a ‘huge snake’ in a field near Carrickvale Manor.

They are trying to trace the owner but there is some concern of ‘fowl play’ as they jokingly pointed out the snake may have fallen foul of one of Lurgan’s ‘Bucky infused pigeons’.

The discovery was made on Monday, April 22, and the officer said: “On attending, it was indeed a rather hefty snake, some form of constrictor, however, it was dead, and particularly smelly”.

The body of a snake found by PSNI Craigavon

The officer issued an appeal for the owner, or anyone who could identify the owner to come forward: “Animals die, they get sick or old, that’s normal, however there appears to have been an attempt to bury this in a shallow grave. It’s all a bit odd. What you can see here is roughly five feet (or 1& 1/2 meters) worth of snake, with plenty more buried.

“If you’re the owner of said snake, or have any idea who may be, please get in touch. We’d like to check all is OK, and that it has indeed died in captivity, rather than been released where it shouldn’t have and fallen foul of one of one of Lurgan’s Bucky infused pigeons.

“This isn’t the sort of pet you can discreetly hide. If you’re aware of anyone in the area who had something this size, let us know.

The reference number is 974 of 23/04/19.

And the officer finished with a joke - allegedly - “Now, how do you measure a snake? In inches, because they’ve got no feet! ....I’ll get my coat...”