New Wellness Centre set to open in Portadown in early September

A number of leading business people and volunteers from the local caring sector have come together to initiate a new Wellness Centre for Portadown.

Thursday, 11th July 2019, 11:44 am
Members of the management committee for Portadown Wellness Centre.

The Portadown Wellness Centre will provide support and empowerment for both men and women of the local community who may be recovering from some mental ill health, addiction, physical illness or are just feeling a little lonely or isolated.

It will do this in a holistic way by offering a variety of services that include practical activities, social events, listening spaces and talks on well-being.

Based at Tavanagh Industrial Estate, 130 Church Street, this new initiative will begin on Monday, September 2. Among the start-up activities in the Centre will be classes in woodwork, woodcarving, cooking and baking and a range of arts and crafts.

In the longer term it is hoped that the Centre will also be able to offer classes in pottery, gardening and horticulture and knitting and sowing. All the classes will be taught by experienced practitioners who are happy to put their gifts at the service of the community.

For those interested in outdoor physical exercise the Centre will organise opportunities for groups to walk, swim and cycle.

An important part of the work of this new project will be to address the issue of the stigma associated with mental health. To this end the Centre will offer sessions on topics such as depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and low self-esteem. It will also help those who need to talk about themselves and their lives by providing a safe and confidential listening service.

All activities at the Portadown Wellness Centre will be free of charge. It is hoped that funding will be provided by both the public and private sectors. Already positive negotiations have taken place with The National Lottery, The Department of Communities, The Southern Trust, Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council and The Housing Executive. Leading local employers have also agreed to support the project. These include Asda Portadown, Tesco Portadown, Sainsbury’s Craigavon and Thompson Aero Seating.

The Portadown Wellness Centre will be governed by a caring and experienced board of management. The board members are Norma McConville MBE, Alan McDowell, Philip McParland, Lynsey Bannon, Tesco Portadown, Elaine Livingstone, Asda Portadown, Dwain Tollent, Sainsbury’s Craigavon, Karen Nixon, Thompson Aero Seating.

For further information about Portadown Wellness Centre and its activities and plans contact Alan McDowell, Secretary, on Tel: 0754 537 3413 or email: [email protected]