Ronnie McFall: Victor Gordon’s family can be justly proud

Portadown manager Ronnie McFall knew Victor for many years
Portadown manager Ronnie McFall knew Victor for many years

The long-serving former manager of Portadown FC has said that Victor Gordon’s family can be justifiably proud of the legacy he has left.

Mr Gordon, the veteran Portadown Times journalist, died after a short illness on Sunday night.

Former Portadown manager Ronnie McFall

Former Portadown manager Ronnie McFall

Ronnie McFall – who managed the club for nearly three decades until leaving last year – said that Victor had remained an ardent attendee right to the end of his life.

Mr McFall told the News Letter: “It’s a sad day for the family, and the whole community. He’s left a legacy behind him which the family can be proud of. He’ll be sorely missed.”

He said that Victor “never missed” a match, whether home or away, and that he and his daughter Fiona had attended games “right up to the last”.

As well as being a fan of the team, he also reported on the club’s progress as a journalist.

“No-one had a bad word to say about him,” said Mr McFall. adding that he had always offered “a balanced view” when it came to both sport or news.

“It’s certainly a big loss to journalism in Portadown, and throughout Northern Ireland.”

Meanwhile, current club chairman Bill Emerson said he expects the club will mark Victor’s passing in a way to be determined later.

He said whilst no discussions had yet been had with others on the board, “I’d imagine the club will certainly recognise his contribution to the club in some manner”.

As to Victor’s own sporting accomplishments, his former newspaper boss David Armstrong said the former Edenderry Primary School pupil, who later went on to Portadown College, had played rugby with Portadown Firsts in the late ‘50s or early 60s (he believes as a scrum half), and had been a “champion sprinter” for the college when aged around 17, winning schools contests.