Plan for retirement village

Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons
Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons

A public consultation is taking place in Richhill on Tuesday, April 28 to enable local people to give their views on draft proposals for the village.

A number of proposals have been made as part of the Richhill masterplan, designed to revitalise land close to the village.

The main proposal is for a strip of land at the back of Main Street to be developed into a retirement village.

Richhill councillor Jim Speers said Richhill Buildings Preservation Trust had been looking at developing new uses for the various piece of land.

He said, “A number of people have spoken to me in favour of the retirement village. It would be ideal for older people who are keen to downsize their property - maybe they are a widow or the family has flown the nest and they can’t maintain a large house and garden.

“The retirement village would be made up of smaller bungalow type properties and it would also be linked to the new health centre.

“At the minute we are in discussion with the Health Board over the new centre and things are moving along.

“The health centre will bring a lot of health related facilities under one roof and will help alleviate the pressures that are currently on our accident and emergency departments.”

The plan is for a three to four storey building, based on Portadown Health Centre and would be a one-stop centre, with GPs, pharmacy, dental services, opticians, a village library and a gym.

He added, “This public consultation will be an opportunity for locals to come along and meet the team but also to put their views across on some of these proposals.

“We are very keen to work with the community on this and I feel it is a great opportunity for people to become involved in shaping the future of Richhill.

“We very much want this to be a bottom-up exercise in terms of getting the local community involved. We don’t want to be making decisions and then forcing them on the community.

The public, drop-in consultation will take place in the Women’s Institute Hall in Richhill from 3-7pm.