Police appeal for caution after 'nasty' crashes

Police image of crashed vehicle.
Police image of crashed vehicle.

Local police have appealed to drivers to take care on the roads after what they described as 'some pretty nasty' crashes overnight.

In a Facebook post they said: "Most of our shift in the Portadown area has seen us at some pretty nasty RTCs. Thankfully everyone walked away relatively unscathed.

"The picture is the car of a person who admitted to driving too fast to catch a flight. His car flew through the air alright and he was lucky to survive this, let alone to get out with the relatively minor injuries that he did. Luck was definitely on his side in some shape!"

They added: "Please please PLEASE be careful on the roads. The mornings are darker, the weather isn't awesome. Drive carefully. Not one of us wants to have to knock the door of your loved ones to give them bad news, especially this close to the end of the year.

"Take care, keep safe. Leave extra time for your journeys."

in a separate post in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, November 17) they warned of a car which had caught fire in the area.

They said: " For folks in the Portadown area, please be careful in and about the Seagoe Hotel/Seagoe Road area. A vehicle was on fire earlier in the night and cannot be recovered until morning.

"There is plenty of room to travel on the road, just bear this in mind on your journeys."