Police issue warning about drugs use


Portadown Neighbourhood Policing Team are asking the public to be vigilant of drug use in their community and work with police to address it.

Constable Sarah Murray said, “We are all aware of the dangers of drug use and we want to ensure that our community is a safe one for every one to go about their daily lives. The issue of drugs is no more or less in Portadown than anywhere else in the Province but being aware, being educated and sharing information is one step further along the road of tackling this problem.

“If you are aware of drug use in your community please contact us straight away.”

“We will always take action on information we receive. If you come across drugs paraphernalia, think safe! Don’t touch anything but contact us immediately.

“By working together to make our young people aware of the dangers and consequences of drugs and to let those who supply drugs know that their actions will not be tolerated, we can make our community even safer!”