Police warning about thieves in Lurgan after a number of thefts


A warning has been issued by PSNI in Lurgan after a number of thefts.

In one instance a woman had the contents of her purse stolen.

And in another a man’s wallet was stolen.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police in Craigavon are reminding the public to protect their property and be vigilant of theft when they are out and about.

“The reminder follows two incidents in Lurgan on Thursday, 7 January.

“On Thursday morning a member of the public left her purse unattended in a store on Market Street. When she returned the purse was gone. The purse was returned by another member of the public who found it however a sum of cash was missing.

“In another incident a wallet was stolen from a man in a supermarket in Castle Lane, Lurgan,” said a spokesperson from PSNI.

Sergeant Gibson said: “We just want to remind people to be vigilant and keep your belongings secure when you’re out and about.

“If you are shopping please remember to keep your handbag secure. Make sure it is zipped or buttoned to reduce your chance of being targeted by a pickpocket.

“If you are shopping for groceries, keep your bag with you at all times. Do not leave it hanging on a trolley or leave it unattended while you go to pick something off a shelf.

“If you are trying on clothes or browsing through other items, do not set your bag, purse or wallet down but keep it in your possession at all times.

“Most importantly of all, if you notice something suspicious make shop staff aware in the first instance and contact us immediately. You can phone us on 101.”