Police warning over cold callers in Portadown area

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Police in the Portadown area say they have received a number of reports of cold callers and suspicious vehicles in recent weeks.

The PSNI have praised members of the public for contacting them and urged them to continue being vigilant.

Constable Sarah Murray said, “Over the past number of weeks we have received reports from the public of cold callers and suspicious vehicles. While every cold caller is not a criminal, reporting it makes it much more difficult for those who do have criminal intent to operate.

“We have always said that we are much more successful in tackling crime when we work together with the community. Calls like this from local residents make it possible for us to prevent and deter crime.

“It is also important to us that the community feel safe and I would like to remind the public of our no cold calling stickers.

“These are stickers which can be placed in the window of your door or window which let cold callers know that you are not interested in buying their services. They are available in police stations and local libraries and health centre.

“Remember if you see suspicious activity report it and thank you for your ongoing support.”