Portadown police station to close ‘within weeks’

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Portadown police station in Edward Street is likely to close within the next few weeks, the Portadown Times understands.

A major boost will be the re-opening of Edward Street to through traffic, with the security barriers at the High Street end finally removed.

They were set in place at the start of the Troubles in the early 1970s and have remained there for over 40 years – much to the anger of traders.

There have been many campaigns to have them removed in recent years.

But the police have remained firm that they are necessary with the continued terrorism threat – even though the station has long been downgraded, with main services operated from Mahon Road.

A police spokeswoman has confirmed that the PSNI are “looking at a number of options to provide an alternative enquiry office facility in the town”.

It is understood that the police enquiries office could be relocated to Portadown Health Centre.