Portadown police warning over ATM and online fraud

Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.
Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.

Portadown Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding the public to protect their financial details whether they are shopping locally or online.

Constable Sarah Murray explained, “A lot of us are buying our Christmas presents and will be out and about around the shops over the next couple of weeks. Many of us will be withdrawing cash from ATMs while others will be doing their shopping from the comfort of their arm chair.

“No one wants to be the victim of crime, particularly at this time of year, and there are small steps you can take to protect yourself.

“Please keep an eye on the cash machines you are using. If you notice anything attached to an ATM which looks out of place, do not touch it, stop the transaction immediately and alert police as well as the bank.”

Police advised that if you are at an ATM or using a chip or pin machine you should guard your personal identification number (PIN) more carefully and be aware that any form of distraction or assistance while you are using an ATM could mean someone is trying to steal your dispensed money or card.

If you are shopping online, paying by credit card offers greater protection. Before entering payment details on a website, ensure that the link is secure. Contact your local neighbourhood team or crime prevention officer on 101 for more advice.