Portadown roundabout leaves motorists in a spin

Alderman Robert Smith.
Alderman Robert Smith.

Alderman Robert Smith has challenged the local Transport NI (Roads) Division to “sort out the confusing road signs and markings at the approach to the main Rushmere roundabout.”

The ABC Council members claimed, “The department has erected a minor sign ‘New Road Layout Ahead’, but have failed to replace the main signage closer to the roundabout. This isn’t just confusing – in my view, it’s dangerous.”

He added that, as a result of the confusion - motorists were late in moving from the left lane to the right, where appropriate. “This causes many drivers to switch lanes close to – or even on – the roundabout, and I have been affected at least three times by cars cutting across me.

“On top of that, I have had numerous complaints from drivers similarly affected. I would not be surprised if there haven’t been one or two collisions. In the absence of proper signage, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

He added that the ‘New Layout Ahead’ sign had been in position for six or seven months and that that the main white sign was, in fact, applicable to the old layout. “It’s causing absolute confusion,” he added. “People working in Rushmere are, I’m sure, used to it. But drivers going straight on to Lurgan, or turning left at the Civic Centre, are the ones in danger. They’re the one most affected.

“I pointed this out to Transport NI several weeks ago, but nothing has happened.”