Potholes a blight on life for Lisnisky Lane

Some of the major potholes on Lisnisky Lane. INPT07-214.
Some of the major potholes on Lisnisky Lane. INPT07-214.

Concerns have been raised regarding the state of a very busy road in Portadown near Craigavon Hospital.

A local resident contacted the Portadown Times about Lisnisky Lane claiming it is in a dangerous state and not fit to handle the large volume of traffic which now uses it.

The resident said this road has been very bad for a long time and it’s “particularly bad now because there’s more and more houses going up there.”

They also called on Transport NI to take steps to repair the road, warning there are numerous potholes, some two feet wide.

The Portadown Times contacted the department to put forward concerns raised about the state of the road, a spokesperson said: “The Department is aware of the current problem with potholes and all available resources have been mobilised to address this issue as quickly as possible with resources being targeted towards the more heavily trafficked roads in the first instance.

“As always, we would encourage road users to be mindful of road conditions and adjust the way they drive, ride or cycle to ensure it is appropriate for the conditions.”

Local councillors recently expressed their real concerns that the road infrastructure around the hospital is already at capacity yet with some substantial developments already in construction this will only get worse.

Transport NI confirmed it is assisting the Health Trust to deliver a new access to Craigavon Hospital from Lisnisky Lane which will include the upgrade and realignment of that road.

However, delivery of this work is subject to the planning process and the availability of funding.

Councillor Julie Flaherty called on Transport NI to carry out repairs on the road regardless of the plans to eventually realign Lisnisky Lane.

She said: “They are holding off because they don’t want to resurface it before this new road is approved, we have said this could be years. From our point of view, myself and Alderman Arnold Hatch, as local councillors would be pushing very strongly for that road to be fixed in anticipation of that new development. It is going to be a couple of years before they’re going to be at that stage and this road is hazardous at the minute.

“It’s been in a dreadful state for a long time, we have lobbied and have had meetings about Lisnisky Lane over the years. It is a hazard, that is a busy wee through road. There’s a part that is just atrocious, it is an absolute disgrace.”

A spokesperson said: “The Department has been operating in a challenging budgetary position for some time and this has been having an impact on all road maintenance activities and the condition of the road network.

“In addition, the recent winter weather has had an impact on the road network, with water ingress and freeze thaw action after heavy rainfall and cold snaps leading to the formation of more potholes.

“Public safety remains a key priority for the Department and despite the budgetary situation, the Department has in this financial year delivered a significant programme of resurfacing and surface dressing and continues to carry out a programme of routine maintenance, including pothole repairs to meet all essential public safety requirements.”