Potholes plague as drivers name worst streets

Potholes plaguing drivers.
Potholes plaguing drivers.

Montague Street appears to be streets ahead when it comes to having the worst potholes.

With last Thursday being National Pothole Day, the Portadown Times asked readers to tell us where the worst craters are, with the intention of bringing them to the attention of Transport NI.

Among the other areas highlighted on Facebook were Lisnisky Lane, the Gilford Road and the M12.

Montague Street came in for the greatest criticism with a number of people referring to a “huge” pothole there.

Some people reported driving into it.

Kathryn Allen said, “The street is worse than a patchwork quilt. It is dug up and filled in, with potholes half done that open up again.”

Richie Beattie agreed, “They’ve been patching the street that much they’re now patching patches.”

Janine Elliott highlighted the roundabout at Bachelors Walk. She said, “There is a huge pothole, an absolute disgrace. You have to really swerve coming off the roundabout to avoid it.”

For Simon Anderson and Warren Wilding, the problem pothole was on the M12 roundabout heading towards Portadown.

Councillor Darryn Causy said he had been inundated with complaints about potholes in areas including Princess Way, Selshion Parade, Montague Street, the Northway and Ranfurley Road, and had reported these to Transport NI.

He said the pothole in Montague Street had now been repaired but that he is working on a claim for someone who damaged their car when they drove into it.

Mr Causby added, “We often get complaints at this time of year as the weather affects the road surfaces. If it’s too cold or too wet, Roads Service can’t fill the holes in.”