Praise as boys go to woman’s aid

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Two first year pupils from Killicomaine JHS have proven that the spirit of goodwill is alive and well.

Joshua Wright (11) and Archie Williamson (12) went to the aid of a young Down’s Syndrome woman last Friday, and their Good Samaritan gesture would probably have gone unnoticed had it not been for an impressed passer-by.

Local woman Lisa Gribben was sitting in traffic at Seagoe traffic lights when she noticed the woman who was “really distressed and frightened-looking about walking down the hill with the ice”.

She added, “I witnessed two young boys from Killicomaine Junior High come to her from across the road and each one linked arms with her and helped her down the hill onto flat ground.”

The boys, who are in the same form class at Killicomaine and have been friends since they were at Seagoe PS, are taking the praise in their stride, but their respective parents are rightly proud.

Joshua’s mum Debbie said, “He is a very caring and kind-hearted boy so I am not surprised. I was so proud of him I couldn’t stop smiling.”

She added, “I would like to thank Lisa Gribben for highlighting it and showing people that there are good young lads out there.”

Stephanie Shires, Archie’s mum, said she would have expected any of her three boys to have done the same thing.

A representative of Killicomaine JHS said the boys’ actions reflected very well not only on them but on the school and their parents.