Primary school trip to London goes ahead despite terror attacks

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Around 70 pupils from Lurgan and their teachers are taking part in a school trip to London this week despite the recent terror attacks.

Concerned after Saturday night’s savage attack by three terrorists which left seven dead and almost 50 people injured, St Francis’ Primary School principal called an emergency meeting on Sunday.

Mr Anthony McMorrow, principal, said he was aware some parents may be concerned at their child going to London after such an horrific attack.

The trip, for P7s, had been planned from earlier last year with around 80 pupils signing up.

The principal explained that after the bombing in Manchester after the Ariana Grande a few weeks ago, seven children opted out of the trip. “It is totally understandable,” he said.

And after the London attacks he was also concerned that teachers, who had signed up to accompany the children, may also not wish to go.

When he was assured the teachers were keen, he called a meeting to ask parents if they were content for their child to take part in the trip.

“Just three opted out on Sunday and given the ferocity of the attack on Saturday night, that is totally understandable,” he said.

Mr McMorrow said there was considerable discussion on Sunday and staff made sure parents were fully aware of all the precautions the school was taking.

He explained that the children were on private buses and not be on public transport or moving over public ground, apart from one instance which would be monitored.

Also he said that the school set up a special WhatsApp account so that parents could stay in constant contact with their child. Teachers regularly updated the account giving clear indications of where the children were and photos of their experiences. “It is reassuring,” said Mr McMorrow. Since Monday the children have visited Thorpe Park, the London Eye, Madam Tussauds and a West End musical.

“They have been excited about the trip for so long,” said Mr McMorrow. “We took all the information in the round before deciding on going ahead with the trip.”