Prosecution dropped against Lord Mayor

First Mayor of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Super Council, Darryn Causby.
First Mayor of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Super Council, Darryn Causby.

Lord Mayor Darryn Causby has been told that a possible prosecution over an incident two years ago, when he was arrested during a flag protest at Corcrain, has been dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr Causby said he was relieved after receiving written confirmation, but slammed the PSNI for starting the process against him two years ago.

“The whole process a totally unnecessary with the PSNI wasting their time, my time and the time of the PPS.”

He added, “I was there giving leadership to the community, doing my utmost to ensure the area remained calm. I was there as a public representative to make sure that those engaged in the protest exercised restraint.

“By and large, we managed to do that, although things did get out of hand on one or two occasions. I and other community and council representatives tried to keep open communications with the PSNI. When the police moved in, we determined to encourage the protestors to move away from the worst of the trouble.”

Mr Causby added that he was arrested for his efforts. He was required to attend Lurgan police station, which he did on a voluntary basis – and he was interviewed in connection with obstructing the police.

“At the time, I was totally frustrated that I had actually been arrested for trying to calm the situation, and putting my neck on the line – I actually received abuse from masked youths involved in the incident.

“I was surprised and shocked that the police felt it necessary to arrest me. I was left bruised during the arrest, which was scant reward for trying to intervene,” he continued.

He added he was frustrated at having to wait two years for the process to be carried out – and in the meantime he was appointed Lord Mayor.

Mr Causby received the PSS letter last week – ‘I am writing to notify you that the prosecution service has decided, having considered the evidence currently available, not to prosecute you in relation to an incident on the 17th day of July, 2013, for which papers were submitted to our office by the police.”

Said Mr Causby, “It took a long time in coming. I made a formal complaint to the Police Ombudsman, as a result of the incident and they upheld my complaint.

“I have to thank David Simpson MP, who ensured that I was represented by a solicitor, and it was reassuring that I had that backing.”