Proud Lydia receives Jordan Kennedy Award

Ben Johnston. Colin Kennedy & Dawn Kennedy Jordan's Parents. Lydia McKelvey. Colum Mackey. Professor Liam Maguire.
Ben Johnston. Colin Kennedy & Dawn Kennedy Jordan's Parents. Lydia McKelvey. Colum Mackey. Professor Liam Maguire.

Markethill woman Lydia McKelvey has become the winning recipient of the Jordan Kennedy Award.

The prize was established in memory of Jordan Kennedy, who was an Advertising with Computing graduate of the Ulster University, Magee campus but who sadly passed away suddenly in 2014 from an epilepic related seizure at the age of 22.

The Students’ Union award is given to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to student life showing passion and enthusiasm, making an exceptional contribution by encouraging, supporting and helping fellow students. The student also needs to be show commitment to the Magee Campus while at the same time overcoming hardship, disability or other personal adversity.

Lydia said after receiving the award, “I have to say, I am greatly humbled to have received Jordan’s Gift. Of course initially I was flattered, to be lapping up all these lovely comments and congratulations.

“Really, all I did was go against the advice of all my family, all my friends, the lectures, my doctors, physios, etc .... (you get the picture?) and decide that no matter what, I was going to do what I came to this university to do; get my degree, graduate, and get on with the career in Nursing I had dreamt of since I was a wee girl.

“I am honoured beyond all else that I have yet achieved in my life, to have received my gift from Jordan’s lovely parents, in memory of their remarkable son”.

Micky Quigg, VP Campaigns and Communications who was VP Magee last year when the award was set up outlines.

“This is fantastic award that acknowledges the legacy of Jordan Kennedy, an outstanding student for his enthusiasm for life, support for others around him as well as his personal adversity,” he said

“I am delighted for the numerous entries we had for the award, this is something that will definitely continue through the Students’ Union and will mean Jordan’s reputation will live on through the campus”.

Ulster University Students’ Union hope to add this prize into their annual student recognition ‘US Awards’.

They are delighted about the uptake and hope to see this award grow and flourish amongst the student body.