Public help police arrest drunk driver in Lurgan

Lurgan custody suite
Lurgan custody suite

A man has been arrested for drunk driving and a woman for assaulting police after a serious incident in Lurgan last night.

Police praised the public after several calls over a number of hours were received about a suspected drink driver in the Shankill area.

The PSNI said: “Multiple residents saw what they knew wasn’t right, and did their bit to stop it.

“A male has now been arrested on suspicion of drink driving. A female has been arrested for several assaults on police, resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour and obstructing police.”

On the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page an officer said: “Importantly a drink driver is off the road and it’s down to you guys.

“To those who called us repeatedly, updating us on where the vehicle was, great job. We couldn’t have done it without you.

“To those who had their evening disturbed, we’re sorry for the inconvenience and disruption. Some people don’t care what their neighbours, or kids out playing, have to hear.

“We’ll update you with what happens with these two,” the PSNI said.