Public thanked for help

Chief Inspector David Beck. Picture by Brian Thompson /
Chief Inspector David Beck. Picture by Brian Thompson /

Police have identified a number of people following recent CCTV appeals.

They issued a number of CCTV images over recent weeks in a bid to identify offenders.

Chief Inspector Davy Beck said: “We would like to thank the public for their support in helping us identify a number of people. We have issued CCTV appeals on our website and publicised this through our social media and also through traditional media. The feedback and support has been very positive and shows that the public are happy to play their part in reducing crime in our local communities.

“Through information received we identified a 25 year old female who was arrested in relation to theft from a chemist in Upper English Street, Armagh. The female was reported to the PPS.

“Information also helped us identify a 39 year old female in relation to the theft of a coat from a leisure centre in Lurgan during December, 2014. Full restitution has been made to the victim and the female has been reported to the PPS.”

He thanked the public for their help.