‘Put cash into front line health services’ Jones

Cllr David Jones
Cllr David Jones

“Pump money into front line services,” says Independent Cllr David Jones after news that three NI Health Executives received pay packages totalling £100k.

According to the TaxPayers Alliance of the three executives, one received a package worth £132,500; another £207,500 with a pay rise of approximately £65k since 2014-15.; the third highest received £112,500.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Councillor David Jones said: “Now while I am sure there will be those who will say you have to pay the salary to expect ‘high quality’ staff where here in the concept of value for money, is there any individual that is actually ‘worth’ those sums of money?

“Really the fault does not lie with those receiving these salaries but those prepared to pay it. I believe just as good a job could be done for less.”

Cllr Jones continued: “Try to explain these salaries to those who cannot get an appointment due to the under funded GP practices.”

“Try to explain these salaries to those folk waiting for months and years on none emergency operations that would greatly enhance their quality of life.”

“Try to explain these salaries to the overworked nursing staff and other medical personnel who have been waiting paltry pay rises.”

“Explain this when A&E Departments send out messages telling patients to not come unless a real emergency,” he said.

“Simply put these three health ‘professionals’ salaries are a terrible indictment on a health service that is creaking on its knees everyday,” said the Independent councillor.

“It is obscene. It’s clearly wrong. It needs to be addressed with a cap on salaries if necessary.

“The money needs to be pumped into patient services at point of contact and after care, not on over blown executives.”