Quick-thinking PSNI officers put out fire at busy petrol station

Praise has been poured on PSNI officers who quickly put out a fire close to busy motorway petrol station.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 9:58 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:20 pm

One officer revealed how, while on other duties, a fire had broken out in The Spar on Lurgan’s Lough Road near the M1 roundabout yesterday.

It is understood one of the ovens at The Subway was on fire.

As staff and customers were evacuated, he used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.


The NI Fire and Rescue Service arrived but Officer M had all under control.

Recalling the incident on PSNI Craigavon’s Facebook page, he said: “So there we were, minding our own business and shifting our focus towards our second coffee of the day. I was outside the Lough Road Spar keeping an eye on a cash in transit delivery whilst Wee S was inside taking a statement about a theft.

“Suddenly, everyone headed towards the door, followed by Wee S with an awkward and confused look on her face as she gestured over her shoulder and said, “Here...the shop’s on fire!”

“Thinking of the coffee beans and the doughnuts that could perish in such a blaze, immediate action was needed.

“This is the point where a shop, being up to date with their fire safety regs, stands you in good stead, and with a Co2 extinguisher found and the mains power cut, it was time to Keep Doughnuts Safe.

“Sadly, I’m only 5”11 and the Subway ovens are...well...taller than that.

“With the aid of a foot stool however, and with Wee S uttering words of encouragement like, “What are ye at ya header?” the fire was out before our esteemed water fairy friends got there. Awkward!

“It’s always nice though to see the guys from Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service turn up in time to admire our handy work. The lights and sirens made it even more special. Thanks guys!

“A big shout out to the Spar and Subway staff for acting so quickly in getting all customers out to safety.

“On a more serious note, you should ONLY tackle a fire IF you feel confident doing so. Knowing there would be the proper equipment to do so, I did. Whilst I took monumental delight in filming that video, this isn’t about a hero run- it’s about making a risk assessed decision. Not even jam doughnuts are worth a life...though they may be worth the odd cough or two from smoke.

“Next time, we’ll be rescuing cats from trees and playing ping pong.”

One member of staff, Paula Savage, said on Facebook to the PSNI: “Thank you so much guys. It really was an eventful day but everyone got out safe. Thanks to you it didn’t spread and we still have a shop to go to! I think I owe you a barista and some donuts lol. So much appreciation for what you guys do every day.”