Residents angry as rubbish piles up near homes

The rubbish at Clonavon Avenue.
The rubbish at Clonavon Avenue.

Furious residents of Clonavon Avenue have raised a stink over “wholesale dumping of plastic bags and other rubbish” close to their homes.

They called in the Portadown Times to highlight the problem, where dozens of bags and other items have appeared over the Christmas-New Year period.

A long-standing resident said, “This is a recent phenomenon, and it has been happening regularly. The latest spate started at the beginning of last week and we called the council to ask them to remove the bags.

“They said that someone would be out the next day, but they failed to appear and after that the rubbish attracted more rubbish. But, to be fair, we can’t blame the council. The council doesn’t dump the bags, and the Carn depot provides adequate bins to contain most of the rubbish. The binmen do a superb job and they can’t be expected to life hundreds of black bags on their rounds.

“But the Civic Centre must sound a warning to these people that they’re breaking the law, and prosecute anyone who is caught fly-tipping. Not so long ago, this street was immaculate and everyone knew everyone else. We took such a pride in the area.

“Families like the Smyths, the O’Neills, the Watsons and the Fletchers looked out for one another. The legendary Pearly Watson used to remove weeds from between the flagstones on the pavements!”

The Progressive Unionist Party has taken up the mantle of dumping and the general problem of multi-occupancy (up to 24 occupants in houses in various parts of the town) .

Local branch leader John Stevenson said, “Our neighbourhood team have contacted council technical services and arranged a clean-up of the alleyways at Clonavon Avenue and other areas of the town. This follows on from initial dialogue with the landlord and the inaction to address the problem of waste being dumped by those residing in the properties.”

A spokesperson for the council said they would be sending a team to clear up in Clonavon Avenue. She added, “We are fully aware of the problems and have had sessions with residents and with landlords to explain the responsible use of bins.

“We cannot expect our employees to lift bins bags on a weekly basis and this won’t happen. We will pursue the abusers through the law and effect prosecutions and ask the general public to keep us informed on fly-tippers.”

The number to phone is 02838 312400.