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Community News

Jake’s mother Julie Flaherty with residents of Carrick Eden Grange.

For they responded magnificently to a request by Julie Flaherty whose ‘Jake’s Ladybird Bags’ – in memory of her late son – are proving very useful in the emergencies created by sudden surgery needs.

Jake’s Ladybird Bags is a charitable venture, in association with Children’s Heartbeat Trust (CHT), which was set up in February 2015 by Julie. Each bag is a ‘first aid kit’ for parents facing a journey away from home with their child for heart surgery.

Jake’s Ladybird Bag contains essential toiletries, provisions and an information pack to help parents get through the first few days and nights in a hospital. Little things that are easy to forget, hard to get in a hospital - or just come in really handy. The bag itself is secure, hand luggage size and re-useable.

Following a recent visit to the Grange in March, Julie and Lorraine Hunniford (Jake’s Nanny) were invited back by Irene McCann, Residential Scheme Manager, on Monday to collect a huge box of donations the ladies have been collecting.

Julie said ‘We are over the moon to receive such a generous donation of useful items. It was always my wish, with thanks again to the work of Children’s Heartbeat Trust, that parents should receive this sort of practical help.”

Jake had a succession of operations during his two years. He had Downs Syndrome and, as well as his heart condition, had other complications.

He died in hospital two years ago, just after his second birthday.