Richhill GP to face more sex charges

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The Richhill GP accused of sexually assaulting patients is to be charged with 11 more offences.

The revelation came at an unsuccessful bail variation application by Tony Chee Chee at Banbridge Magistrates Court, sitting in Newry today (Thursday).

A detective sergeant told the court that police are to level 11 more charges of sexual assault against the 45-year-old.

Dr Chee, who worked at Richhill Health Centre, is already on bail facing eight counts of sexual assaulting seven female patients at the health centre on various dates between October 2009 and July 2011. with one offence alleged to have happened on a date unknown between 2004 and 2011.

The GP asked for his bail to be varied to allow him to go on a three-week family holiday to Malaysia to visit his elderly parents-in-law.

Objecting to the application, the detective sergeant told the court there is a “fear of flight” because of the possibility of a custodial sentence.

The doctor’s defence lawyer submitted that Chee had roots in the community, his children were at school here and his wife was a consultant at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

“It was fanciful in the extreme to say flight is a risk,” he said. “He is held in very high regard in the community.”

Refusing the variation, District Judge Paul Copeland said that with more charges anticipated, if there was a conviction the likely sentencing was a lengthy period of custody and added that not withstanding the defendant’s clear record and professional status, the temptation to abscond was too high.

The judge said the defendant could appeal to the High Court.