Richhill Orange Hall is set to receive a major revamp

Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons
Photo by Aaron McCracken/Harrisons

A local Orange lodge has put together proposals for the modernisation and revamp of Richhill Orange Hall.

Ballyleaney Purple Star LOL 11 have forwarded their proposals to the Planning Service for consideration.

Brethren want the work to get under way in the next six months with the objective of getting it completed by the end of the year.

The proposed work includes a demolition of existing toilet facilities, the erection of new toilets and a new meeting and training room.

Ulster Unionist Councillor Jim Speers said the development will be welcomed by the community.

“People from across the community have been regularly using the existing facilities at Ballyleaney and over the last few years we have noticed an increase in the use of the hall.

“The work at Ballyleaney Orange Hall will help to upgrade and modernise the existing facilities, which were getting slightly dated.”

Richhill Deputy District Secretary Ben Jennett pointed out that the facility is used by the whole community and said the lodge hoped to raise funds through events.

“It is a well-used facility and the work will be to redevelop the toilets and generally bring the building into the 21st century,” he said.

“Over the next few months we will be holding a number of fundraisers and we are also hopeful of obtaining some money through a grant.”